Folding@Home 100 WUs and counting…

I have successfully folded 100 WUs for the Stanford Folding@Home project! For those not in the know, Folding@Home (f@h) is a program you run on your computer that uses your unused CPU cycles to fold proteins. It runs totally behind the scenes and doesn’t interfere with your normal computer use at all. It is similar to SETI@Home, but infinitely more practical. Instead of looking for extraterrestrial life, I’m helping to find a cure for cancer and other diseases.

I started folding mid-June when I started my new job. My work computer is a dual-core Pentium D, so I can run two different instances of the folding application at once (each one folds on its own CPU). I only fold at work for a few reasons: 1. My home computer (Athlon 1800+) is a little old and has some serious problems staying cool. 2. It costs electricity to run these processors at 100% all the time and I don’t feel like running up my electricity bill any more than what it is now. So hopefully my employer doesn’t mind…

I would highly recommend participating in the folding project if you’re interested. There’s a great community behind it all as you can join a team and do your thing together.

Here’s a picture of my 100 WU certificate!


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