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The Nintendo 64: Ten Years Old

September 29, 2006

Ten years ago today, I received my Nintendo 64. I was pretty ecstatic, not as crazy as the Nintendo 64 kid, but still, pretty happy. It’s easily one of the best consoles of all time and probably my favorite one that came out in the last ten years. It had so many great games: Mario, Zelda (Majora’s Mask was better…), Harvest Moon, Star Fox, Goldeneye, Star Wars, etc. The list goes on and on, see my game collection for my favorites obviously. I have quite a keen memory when it comes to dates and video games (9/9/99, 11/23/98, etc.) so I quickly recalled that today was the day!

I hadn’t played my N64 in at least a year, I remember playing it for about an hour actually a few months ago when my sister wanted help on Super Mario 64, but besides that, it’s been a while. The time before that was probably when I played through Mischief Makers again (quite an underrated game), and the time before that was when I received my copy of Wonder Project J2. So maybe once or twice a year, unfortunately. I play my SNES far more than any other system.

But tonight I pulled my N64 out of it’s plastic tub and stuck in Super Mario 64. “It’sa me! Mario!” rang the TV, and I settled in and collected 20 stars. I had already perfected the game years ago, gettin all 120 stars and visiting Yoshi on the roof, but playing the game again brought me back ten years. To a simpler time when I was 12 years old entering the world of three dimensions. The Nintendo 64 isn’t remembered as the greatest system of all time, let alone its time by most people, but to me, it will always rest in a special place within my heart.


CSS, Google Search History, and my video game collection

September 7, 2006

Well, I want to do something with my boring looking blog, spice it up a bit. So I may work on the styles a bit, but I’m just too lazy to try too hard. I’m also not very apt with colors and things, I’m more of a text guy. I’m very mathematical and like to keep track of things… like how I’ve made 5672 Google searches over the last year (I don’t keep track of that personally, don’t think I’m that much of a freak) or that I keep track of every video game I own (230 right now).

Okay… time to brainstorm colors.

About Me

September 5, 2006

This blog is pretty dull, who really wants to read that much on Ruby on Rails and some game that is on the Duke Nukem Forever timeline? Anyways, here’s a little something about me…

Born in 1984 in Wisconsin, graduated from UW-Madison in 2006 in Computer Science and East Asian Studies. I married my highschool sweetheart later that month, and now work at a major corporation in the Minneapolis area as a software engineer. I mostly program in Java on the J2EE platform and am studying for the Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) exam. However, I’m also stuck at work doing some PL/I programming on their legacy mainframe. Legacy sums it up nicely.

Anyways, I like to program, but I really love to game. Mostly classics: Chrono Trigger (my favorite game of all time), Final Fantasy series, Mario, Zelda, etc. But I love the newer games too: GTA, Halo, blah blah. I’m replaying Chrono Trigger right now (ready to beat down on Tata for stealing the Hero Medal if you’re interested), and I played through Kirby Superstar over the Labor Day weekend. I’m also currently playing FF4 (SNES) and Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams. Both very fun games, just don’t play them that much. I also like to PC game: Sims 2, Sim City series, Civilization series, umm… well I don’t play many PC games. I sit at a computer all day, I don’t like to be at one at night too much.

My wife and I watch a lot of TV on Fox, Prison Break, Vanished, House, and now Standoff it appears. She also likes American Idol and those kind of shows. We have a nice HDTV with a dual-tuner HD DVR so it gets a lot of use. Cheap Seats every night.

I think that’s enough for right now. Hope you enjoy.