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Ruby, mysql, WEBrick Segmentation Faults

September 2, 2006

I’m getting quite a few segmentation faults when running Instant Rails, mostly of this nature:

[BUG] Segmentation fault ruby 1.8.4 (2005-12-24)

Not sure what’s causing it, been doing a ton of Google searches, nothings worked. I think I may get rid of Instant Rails and just install everything individually. Some of the other culprits causing the error are benchmark.rb and pathname.rb

I’m still working on my insert form, it’s coming along well. Should be able to start adding dialogue like mad in a day or two. Can’t wait to see how many lines I’ve actually written.


Web App Is Running

August 29, 2006

Yep, Ruby on Rails rocks. It was incredibly easy to set up my own mini app.

Status Information

August 25, 2006

I suppose if you’re reading this you must want to know something about the game I’m writing… or maybe I’ll be the only one to ever read this and I can someday use this as a way to document my progress, either way, here’s the current status.

I started writing the game script last September (2005) during my senior year of college at UW-Madison. I wrote it mostly during boring classes and finished the first part of the script on the last day of classes in May. Because I never had a laptop in class, I wrote it entirely in a notebook. I filled 71 notebook pages (each piece of paper counts as two sheets… front and back, like a book) over the course of two semesters. I have no idea how long this is typed as I’ve only typed five pages of it, yes, I have a long way to go.

Right now I’ve put the actual script writing on hold until I can properly get this on my computer (and back it up multiple places). A few months ago I had the great idea of dumping all the text into an XML document, as XML is really the way to go instead of typing it in Word. With XML, I can have dialogue elements with text, speaker, language, etc. elements. This was an awesome idea that I credit to myself because I have no idea how the future game engine will actually work, but who cares! I’ll have all the text in an XML document!

So I started writing an XML schema for it, not too complicated. So once I had that done, I began typing the script into straight XML, not a very good idea. So now I plan on writing a web app that will allow me (from anywhere in the world, ie. the computer room or the living room) to add to the script with ease. Just type the line of dialogue in the text box and use drop downs for the other attributes of the XML, and then boom, it’s all formatted and junk for me.

Of course I saw this as an opportunity to learn a new programming language, and Ruby seems like the one to shoot for. So now I’m running InstantRails and am slowly developing the app. Slowly is the key word, but really, I’m in no huge rush. I have most of the game’s plot devised in my mind so as long as I don’t get amnesic I should be okay.